Millet Porridge with Dried Cranberries, Linseed & Crushed Walnuts

Delicious & Nutritious Breakfast !

I’d like to introduce you to millet. A delicious whole grain rich with fiber is an idea way to start the day ! It’s high in nutrients such as magnesium and phosphorus

Whole grains! (A quick nutrition lesson)
If you’re just starting a healthy lifestyle, my first advice will be to substitute all your simple carbs with complex carbs. Simple carbs (white bread, pastries, cookies, etc) are NOT DIGESTED by our bodies. They go straight into the blood stream in the form of glucose (“blood sugar”). This is usually accompanied by a heightened level of energy (“sugar rush”),  followed by a crash. In short, simple sugar in your diet doesn’t keep you satiated for very long. You end up tired and more hungry.
On the other hand, complex carbs, such as millet, are very slowly digested before being broken down to glucose which can then make its way into the bloodstream–thus maintaining a steady blood sugar rather than causing sharp spikes.

I invite you to try cooked millet served as a breakfast porridge.
Let me know how you like my favorite recipe, Millet with dried cranberries, linseed & crushed walnuts

1/2 cup of millet (or more, if you so choose.. just remember 1 part millet flakes)
1 cup of water (is 2 parts water)
1 tbsp of linseed (or more, if you so desire)
1 tbsp of dried cranberries (or more, if you so desire)
Handful of crushed walnuts (or more, if you so desire)
1 tbsp coconut oil
So basically go all out and treat yourself ! Because food is good! Food is energy! 🙂
Just be certain to add in more water as you increase one or more ingredients.
You will be essentially boiling the millet flakes in water (1 tbsp coconut oil) until it’s absorbed, so too little water and you have a burnt pan, too much and you have runny porridge.






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